BioEsse Skin Care: Bio-identical Probiotic Review

What makes BioEsse different from other probiotic skin care on the market?

I was very excited to have the chance to feature BioEsse Skin Care, because it is different than any other probiotic skin care line on the market. All BioEsse products contain a patented probiotic active ingredient not found anywhere else, Qi Probiomics.  I was eager to try this, because Qi Probiomics is the very first probiotic extract actually taken from beneficial bacteria on healthy human skin.  The idea that introducing a probiotic extract from healthy skin could lead to skin improvements makes some intuitive sense.  BioEsse Skin Care is the first line with “bio-identical” probiotic extract derived from the healthy human microbiome; in other words, rather than coming from a foreign source (like cheese), Qi has long been carried on the human body.

Okay, but does it work?  My Experience

In a four-week clinical study study conducted of BioEsse Skin Care System, 100% of participants reported improved skin smoothness and texture, 94% reported improvement in overall skin quality, and 84% reported reduced redness.  By week 8, 100% of BioEsse Skin Care System users reported a more even complexion, 93% reported increased skin luminosity, and 87% reported younger, firmer facial skin.

Having tried a number of probiotic skin care lines (feel free to browse if you like), I can highly recommend this line for its many skin-beneficial effects.   I started using BioEsse after giving myself a peel that caused flaking, redness, and irritation, and I noticed the first bit of improvement in my skin within a few hours of applying it.  With three days of use, BioEsse had soothed, healed, and hydrated my face enough that I was back to normal; this is a much faster recovery from irritation than I can typically expect.  BioEsse Skin Care is a standout to me for its ability to rapidly calm irritated skin and improve overall skin quality.  By 6 weeks of use, my skin looked healthier and brighter than it had in quite some time, and signs of age were softened.

CONCLUSION:  BioEsse Skin Care is gentle enough for sensitive skin and has the potential to rapidly help minimize inflammation and redness by supporting the skin microbiome.  Using it, I saw improvements in skin health and youthfulness.  I recommend it highly for anyone looking for a gentle yet effective regimen for sensitive, aging skin.

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